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1 Celebrating 60 years of bicycles made in Italy, Lombardo Bikes proudly released in late 2012 the latest and most precious among a vast array of prestigious lines: Lombardo Corsa. Born from the Lombardo Hiker successful 2 decades and always keen to keep abreast of the times, Lombardo Bikes constantly researches and experiments to add innovation onto the 77+ models being part of the collection. The releasing of Corsa further strengthened their most important principle: customers can always enjoy high quality and cutting-edge technology on a Lombardo bike 

2  Light weight, high performance, resistance and sturdiness. The Lombardo Corsa racing bikes, all in Carbon fibres, guarantee cyclists sensational performances and excellent reliability. Our professional cycling team composed of athletes, mechanics and craftsmen, works constantly on creating our bikes with tremendous passion and boundless attention to details. The group carefully checks every stage of the manufacturing process because the ‘Made in Italy’ guarantee is of paramount importance. The Lombardo Corsa team employs highly expert professionals who have created their own myth as “top craftsmen of technology”  

3 Production Made in Italy and attention to details is fundamental aspect for Lombardo. Hence, Lombardo Corsa includes over 20 different racing bike models, Road and MTB, designed by authentic cycling professionals and distinguished for their light weight, top level performances and high reliability. Unlike other manufacturers both in Italy and abroad Lombardo Bikes insist on using a group-set from the same series. This means that the gearbox, sprocket, derailleurs, brakes and all other components on the bike are produced by the same company, amongst which Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram 

4 A high level of applied technology is at the core of Lombardo Corsa racing frames manufacturing. The carbon fibre used for these frames is created using a highly-technological production process, which gives the frame enhanced solidity levels, greater reaction times and a sweet light weight. This in turn allowed us to produce frame designs which ensure maximum comfort to cyclists 

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