Sydney to Rome one way on lombardo bosch electric bikes

Sydney to Rome one way on an e-bike? Yes he did! But not alone. He went with his best mate on a Lombardo Bosch electric bike all the way to Rome, flying Qantas! Indeed! His name is John Chang from Randwick NSW, Sydney eastern suburbs. He took his best friend Fong Chow and both took their Lombardo Bosch Electric bikes (Amantea City and Amantea) on the plane with them and yes, they toured Rome and the magic ancient Castles around the Lazio region thoroughly for 2 mighty weeks this last April. The trip was one to remember and John is now ready to start up a new trip from the Amalfi coast down to Sicily with his mate boths on their e-bikes. Food, wines, art, monuments, traditions, beautiful people and sensational sceneries, John is certain he was able to have plenty of fun riding around marvelous places while keeping fit on top of his e-bike. It’s not the first time we report in this website news feed about people traveling around the world on top of their Lombardo Bosch Electric Bike. Check here the news feed about riding around South East Asia on top of Lombardo Bosch e-Sestriere. In fact, it is becoming an increasingly more popular hobby to jump on a plane and explore specific zones of the planet on our e-bikes. Given the Lombardo e-bikes range of up to 140 km, the comfortable speed of 25 Km/h, the light and easy handling complete the picture to provide a fabulous all terrain riding experience for the adventurer explorer overseas. Find out more about electric bikes traveling, send us an email to



ROME, Italy e-bike AMANTEA CITY 2

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