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Mark could not wait! When he heard he could grab for himself a brand new Lombardo Bosch electric bike in Sydney he went for it! He did not settle for any bike, in fact, as a good busy professional will tell you: time and reliability are the essence. Mark wanted the very best and conducted a quite extensive research. Hi Mark, tell us what did you find? M. “first of all a lot of Chinese stuff I did not even want to look at! It just looks and feels wrong. Then a variety of unbranded products but none that really stimulated my interest” Why was that if we may ask? M. “I guess there was no much literature on how well those systems would perform and whether you could obtain spare parts when you needed. I read this at times can be a painful hurdle” What made you choose Lombardo Bosch? M. “I went to Rome to visit a friend who lives there and I saw the Municipal Police of Rome riding a Lombardo Bosch e-bike. Once I saw even the Mayor of Rome riding an electric bike branded Lombardo Bosch. I had never heard of this brand before thus, a little search uncovered this traditional family business who still manufactures in Italy since 1952. Also they are the only one from Italy licensed to install Bosch systems and were the first one to bring it to Australia. They look fantastic, rode beautifully and are quite light, that was enough to make a choice which I am truly happy with!” Mark lives in Randwick NSW and commutes to the CBD on his Bosch electric bike everyday!


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