Lombardo E-bikes

Hand-made Electric Bikes powered by BOSCH

1 BOSCH, a world leader in electric-engine manufacturing, joins the avant-guard technology and high quality attributes of Lombardo Bikes to produce the world’s most efficient and reliable E-bikes on the market (Source: Eurobike 2013 – The Global Show). Six distinct frame designs to suit any rider style: 3 comfortable City E-bikes, a 27.5” Mountain E-bike and 2 smooth Flat-Bar Hybrid E-bikes. A very gentle power exerted on the pedals will generate a formidable pedal-assist response to move ahead. Thanks to the most innovative among BOSCH systems made in Germany and dedicated to our production, the Lombardo E-bike becomes the latest new release among the greenest and most effective means of transport for the everyday city commuters. 

2 A powerful and discrete engine that uses a sophisticated on board computer capable of analysing all riding parameters and in real time, changing for ever the concept of Pedal Assist. The Bosch Lithium-Ion battery, which is specific for our remarkably light frames, is designed in small dimensions and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours. Within just 60 minutes of plugging it in the battery can be capable of reaching up to 60% of its full charge. Thanks to Lombardo exceptional Italian frames the weight of our E-bikes is kept to minimum with approximately 18 to 20 kg, therefore facilitating the vehicle handling, manoeuvring and storage.

3 A powerful technological engine dedicated exclusively to Lombardo Italian frames.  A world unique synergy capable of reaching a speed up to 25 km/h, while offering a very comfortable ride in all conditions and territories, even along hills as steep as 26%. The engine strategically set underneath the pedals hub lowers the center of gravity, increasing the stability throughout the ride. The Battery is the heart of the whole Bosch system in which Safety and Practical usage make a difference. Up to 500 full-charge cycles guaranteed for a ride range of minimum 70 Km (Turbo mode) and up to 140 km (Eco-Mode) with a surprisingly fast time of full re-charge: only 2.5 hours. Both types of batteries, standard and rear pack, can be pulled out from the bike with a special key provided 

4 All Lombardo Bosch E-bikes are built with a real on board computer providing numerous and valuable information about the ride. The on board computer analyses the data provided by several integrated sensors and regulates in real time the power supplied by the engine, furthermore, it provides info on the battery residual charge, the actual speed and the calculated autonomy of the E-bike (kilometres left to ride) on the current charge. The on board computer allows the choice among 5 distinct programs for selecting the most appropriate power usage suited to the riding style. The computer can also be removed from the E-bike and work as an anti-theft device. 

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