A world tour on a Lombardo Bike

Riding your bicycle around the world? Yes you can! Once thought impossible it is now happening and some people are finding it absolutely magical. A life changing and enriching experience like nothing else. Alessandra Nicosia is the lucky woman riding half of the globe on top of her special bike, meticulously prepared for her by her local bike shop in Rome and wait a minute, what bike is it? It is a Lombardo Bike! Riding the world on a Lombardo Bike is definitely possible! Jump today to Alessandra’s blog and although it is written in Italian, all pictures and all videos have some English captions or subtitles included for those who wish to catch more about this sensational journey! Untouched landscapes, cool blue sky mornings, funny hot water springs, curiously shy animals and lots more to see in this great trip! Just click on the picture to enter this magic bike trip.

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