Pink is vintage revamp not just a Giro d’Italia jersey

Recently the new 2015 Giro d’Italia was presented with all its new dates, rounds and sponsors. Here today we are talking about pink, yet not intended as jersey but as a new vintage revamp that is progressively earning an increasingly enormous storm of fans in both Australia and the rest of the Asia Pacific region, with particular mention to Vietnam and Singapore. The new 2015 pearled pink has certainly attracted a lot of attention and it will be followed by a new vintage color for gentlemen, the military or light pale green. It is a 2015 vintage revamp which will entertain a large number of Lombardo vintage lovers, while we wait for next Giro to start!



Lombardo Sanremo 26 PINK w logo
Sanremo 26 PINK 4
Lombardo Sanremo 26 PINK 3 w logo
Sanremo 26 PINK 2
Lombardo SANREMO 28 Gents Nexus 3sp (1)

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