Lombardo Bike Auctioned for Charity

A Lombardo Bike Touring 26 was auctioned for charity with a final claiming price of $AU 1,500

On Fri 26th Nov 2010 a Lombardo Bike Touring 26 was auctioned for charity. The money raised was entirely devolved to Reach Out in support of the fight against depression.

The event took place during the Road to Happiness Finale Party in Brisbane, celebrating the return home of Ivo Kornel after a solo bike-ride (15,660Km) around all of Australia.

The Touring 26 was the second last item to be auctioned and resulted in the highest charity bid ($1,500) throughout the whole night.  An extremely tight fight saw a nice lady from Gladstone succeeding over a couple of boys and a young girl, respectively from Brisbane and the Gold Coat.

Click on the images above to see the photos and to find out more.




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