Ale Fox: world bicycle tour on Lombardo Bikes

Do you know Ale Fox? Are you following her world bicycle tour on Lombardo Bikes? Ale is an Italian girl from Rome. In spite of her young age Ale is traveling all around the world on top of her Lombardo VERBANIA 1000 with Carbon fork and is having the time of her life. Ale Fox has already travelled Italy, Iceland, most of Europe and plenty of other places in Asia and right now she is in beautiful NORWAY. Although Ale Fox writes in her blog in Italian she still displays beautiful photos and amazing videos on her blog, which we highly recommend you to follow to grab a glimpse and feel embraced in such unique and wonderful bike-traveling experience. Of course with her, there is a very reliable bicycle – Lombardo VERBANIA 1000 – which was provided by Lombardo Bikes via one of the most famous Italian cycling shop in Rome.  To follow Ale Fox and all of her adventures and exciting news updates please click here

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