Biemme, the essence of cycling

1 Made in Italy. B-EMME was founded in 1978 following an entrepreneurial idea of Maurizio Bertinato. It has now become a major reality in the field of technical clothing for cycling. Ever since the beginning, the company has always involved cycling Champions for testing and improvement of the garments being produced. Precious cooperation was received from personalities such as: Hinault, Moser, Saronni, Rominger, Bartoli and Pantani.

2 Quality Garments. An internal laboratory studies and projects the garments, develops and finally tests them directly on athletes of various levels. Items are improved according to indications received during and after testing.

3 Uniquely original designs. In the course of its 30 year history, B-EMME has been an innovative and expanding company. We wish to remember the first textile crotch created in 1984 which is now of everyday use. Up until 1984 crotches were assembled in leather and not in cotton or technical materials as done nowadays. 

4 Favorite brands for many champion cyclists . B-EMME continues to invest its resources in providing comfort, performance and innovation to make you’re your next ride, your best one. Our mission is to keep you riding with us. 

About Us

Fifteen years of combined experience in sales & marketing within the Asia-Pacific region led to the establishment of Best Quality Imports Pty Ltd. Nowadays the company enjoys a strong presence in both Australia and New Zealand as well as in Singapore and Malaysia. The portfolio currently includes high quality hand-made bicycles, electric bikes, cycling clothing and selected bike accessories.

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Best Quality Imports Pty Ltd

Address: P.O. Box 144, Hamilton QLD 4007,
Brisbane – Australia
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